A Musical Adventure DVD


“Both kids love this DVD! Katie watches each song and is picking up the motions. Matthew loves to use all the instruments along with the songs.”
Jennifer, children ages 4 and 1
“Jack loves your DVD. He asks to watch it 5-8 times a day – It is the only DVD he requests! Thanks for having such a fun and interactive DVD.
Katie, child age 18 months

Product Description

It’s a Musical Adventure as your child enjoys the upbeat music and movement songs on this interactive DVD. Jumping and pretending to be animals is an all time favorite. The bag of instruments enhance the experience, but is not necessary to enjoy the songs on the DVD.

Songs Included on the DVD:

  • Let’s Get Started
  • Bumble Bee
  • Crazy Hands
  • Dancen Hands
  • Dr. Do Re Me
  • Yam Jam
  • At the Zoo
  • Freeze
  • Gosh & Golliwags
  • Everybody Has Music


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